The Role Of The Philanthropic Community In Healing Fractures

For the poor
Jonathan Hayden

Jonathan Hayden

Director of Operations, Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center

As we look at all of the changes happening in the world–a worldwide pandemic, renewed calls for racial justice, and the need to repair the deep polarization that exists across the globe, what role does the philanthropic community play? How can funders and grassroots organizations work together?

In the finale of the Leadership Foundations Healing A Fractured World Town Hall series, we were joined by Katherine Haley, VP of Programs at Philanthropy Roundtable, and Justin Beene, Director of The Grand Rapids Center for Community Transformation for a conversation on reconciliation, philanthropy, and the direct work on the ground to build thriving communities.

In light of all of the challenges and opportunities 2020 has presented, it has been such a privilege to engage with thought leaders and practitioners on how we can make meaningful change in our world today.

We have heard from local Leadership Foundations from around the globe doing incredible work for their cities and from experts on healing across divides, having civil conversations, experienced leaders with deep wisdom, as we begin to repair the breach with grace.  

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