The Outsized Impact of Faith-Based Non-Profits in the Social Sector

526 Imagining Abundance Devin Murphy
Jonathan Hayden

Jonathan Hayden

Director of Operations, Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center

On Wednesday, May 26, we launched the newest Leadership Foundations Town Hall series, “Imagining Abundance”. For the next 6 weeks, we will be examining the transformational idea of God’s deep abundance present in our world.

How can we find freedom by shifting from a mindset of scarcity to one of abundance? What might that mean for our world’s cities and those of us ministering in them? How does that mindset affect our fundraising? And how is philanthropy seeking to live into abundance?

In the first episode, Devin Murphy joins us to share how faith-based non-profits “serve as the bulwark of the social safety net for the most vulnerable among us” yet are often overlooked by institutional philanthropies. Devin is a Partner with The Bridgespan Group and co-author of “Elevating the Role of Faith-Inspired Impact in the Social Sector,” and “Billion Dollar Bets’ to Create Economic Opportunity for Every American,” a series of articles outlining 15 philanthropic opportunities for increasing economic mobility.

As always, we were also joined for an update by from of our Leadership Foundations on their vital work in our cities. This week Abhishek Gier, President of Catalyst Leadership Foundation, shared a special update on the situation in Delhi, India.

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