Healing A Fractured World: Town Hall Series Episode 1

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Jonathan Hayden

Jonathan Hayden

Director of Operations, Colangelo Carpenter Innovation Center

Renowned Leadership Development expert Rev. Ernest Brooks joined the Leadership Foundations network for Episode 1 of the Town Hall series “Healing A Fractured World.” Ernest is a Senior Associate with Isaacson, Miller in Washington, DC. He spoke with co-hosts Dave Hillis and Cornelius Williams about the relationship between reconciliation and equity and the importance of creating space to build and nurture relationships.

We also heard from Dr. Nahshon Nicks, CEO of First Coast Leadership Foundation in Jacksonville, FL on the incredible work he and his staff are doing in their city.

Make sure to register for  the next in the series on October 28. We will be joined by Rev. Lucas Johnson, Executive Director of On Being’s Civil Conversation Project. 

Healing A Fractured World is a series of Leadership Foundations Town Hall meetings where leaders come together at the intersection of thought leadership and praxis. The world can seem out of control as we try to manage a worldwide pandemic, make progress on racial injustice, and repair the deep polarization that exists across the globe. In this 5 part series, we will explore a range of topics as we attempt to reimagine community together in light of the current crises. In short, and to borrow a phrase from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, how to heal a fractured world.

Rev. Brooks is the former President and CEO of the Academy of Preachers, Inc., a national ecumenical professional development organization for clergy affiliated with The Lilly Endowment, Inc. and served as Special Assistant to the CEO of The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. Further, he was a Higher Education Fellow for Graduate Diversity Initiatives at the University of Chicago and Assistant Dean of the Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel at Morehouse College, among other roles.

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