A Deep Dive Into LF’s Theology of Place

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Leadership Foundations

Leadership Foundations

Dave Hillis and Cornelius Williams, President of Resurgence Leadership Foundation in Atlanta, joined host (and CCIC Trustee Council member) Anne Snyder on “The Whole Person Revolution” podcast. In this episode, Dave, Cornelius, and Anne have a conversation about the issues in cities that LF is trying to address, the importance of relational leadership, why LF works to build systems for service providers to work together instead of building another program, and the deep theological meaning behind the way LF tries to see the city as a playground instead of a battleground.

“The Whole Person Revolution” is a product of Breaking Ground, a collaborative web commons that seeks to inspire a dynamic ecosystem of thinkers and doers to respond to the needs of the world’s current realities.

Listen to the episode at Breaking Ground, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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With the beginning of the new year, 2021 brings plenty of uncertainty along with it. How do we approach this new and uncertain future? How do we seek long-term change in our world’s cities, when we don’t even know what will happen tomorrow?

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