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The Department of Justice must think that Leadership Foundations (LF) is doing something right in mentoring at-risk youth. Since 2015, LF has received two grant awards from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) totaling $4.5 million to provide mentoring relationships to more than 4,500 youth through a network of 23 Local Leadership Foundations (LLFs) across the U.S.


Administering these grants is a great privilege and a great responsibility for LF. We put LF’s wheel of change to work as we seek to build the capacity of local leaders and their mentoring programs. The grants allow LF to provide local leaders with training and resources, sub awards, coaching, and assistance in developing joint initiatives with other local organizations to better serve youth in their communities.


Two LLFs recently shared their reflections on how the training they have received from LF has built their capacity as mentoring programs:


“We feel that we have a strong mentoring program; however, we always know there is room for growth. Through the training webinars, we have gained insight from other cohorts on best practices that have been proven effective. Through the in-person training, we are better prepared to deal with challenges that could develop. We also gained helpful insight from having a regional coach who has the ability to push our thinking and challenge us to be a better mentoring program that will benefit our community.”  
– Anthony Branch, Vice President, Memphis Leadership Foundation


The Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation has been able to touch the lives of more than 150 students through evidence-based mentoring practices as a sub awardee of the OJJDP grant. Alongside exceeding our mentor-match target goals, we have been able to provide training to our mentors and establish organized processes of data collection. With the accountability of the grant systems in place, we have been able to increase our effectiveness and meet recognized benchmarks.”
–Bianca Singleton, Director Mentoring Youth Collaborative, Metro Atlanta Leadership Foundation


We are grateful not only to have the opportunity to serve youth through mentoring but also to build the capacity of LLF mentoring programs so that they can continue to truly transform communities from battlegrounds into playgrounds.

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