In partnership with the Lilly Endowment Inc., Leadership Foundations has developed Charity To Change, an innovative training program to work with churches and church collaboratives to reimagine how congregations can invest in long-term, systemic community change with the skills, knowledge, and tools essential to build closer connections with their local communities, to develop a better understanding of their socio-cultural context, and be responsive to their most pressing needs.

Active Online Learning

Charity To Change is delivered through a Learning Management System featuring world class theologians and community development experts.

In 9 units over 9 months, participants will access original and exclusive lectures, interviews, panel discussions, tools, a library of resources and activities through Leadership Foundations’ online platform.


  1. Seeing The City
  2. The Church and The City: An Historical Perspective
  3. Theology of Justice
  4. Incarnational Ministry: Scripture and Culture
  5. Engaging People of Good Faith and Goodwill
  6. Systems Thinking and Asset Mapping
  7. Faith And Work: Knowing Your Congregation
  8. A Church In And For The Community
  9. Models of Church Engagement

The faith community is a potential force for massive social change.

Churches possess a wealth of ideas, talent, and influence to deploy on behalf of the city.

Charity To Change seeks to help unleash congregations for action leading to lasting and sustainable change for the common good.

Chapter 1 Free Lesson Preview: Theology of The City With Dr. Ray Bakke

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